Havoc (havocthecat) wrote in sg_rarepairings,


Dreamwidth has recently come up with the ability to import communities and I'm considering backing sg_rarepairings up on Dreamwidth.

First of all, what are your feelings on this? If you have a post and you emphatically DNW it on Dreamwidth, please don't delete the post on LJ. For one thing, the LJ community is going nowhere. For another, control over your entries will remain with you, which means you can log in with an OpenID account and do what you will with any entries moved over to Dreamwidth. Or so I believe; I haven't tested this and it's brand new.

If we do import this community to Dreamwidth, I want to make sure that everyone is comfortable with having their entries moved over. If not, I hope to be able to work out an arrangement where either you or I are able to delete the Dreamwidth entry.

Again, the LJ community is going nowhere. I'm still very committed to LJ; I would just like to get everything backed up over on Dreamwidth.
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