Havoc (havocthecat) wrote in sg_rarepairings,

The Alternative Guide to SGA

You may have heard the rumblings around fandom of an alternative guide to SGA, one that covers ground not already covered by the already well-done guides to the fandom that are out there, but are primarily McShep. There's definitely room for more guides, and more participants.

Please go take a look at sga_guide, and the master list (you will have to join to see a number of the posts). I hope you'll be inspired to sign up to write a guide!

There are a number of characters and pairings that still need guides written for them. SG1 people, there's room for pairings that are crossovers with SGA. I know at least someone is writing a Vala Mal Doran/John Sheppard guide. ETA: SGA/SGU crossovers are welcome as well, of course!
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