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Changed - Sheppard/O'Neill NC-17 
30th-Dec-2010 11:08 am

Title: Changed
Fandom/Pairing: SG1/SGA; Jack/Teyla/Lorne, Elizabeth/John/Ronon, Jack/John
Author: cedelede
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: Heavy spoilers for Conversion
Notes: I wrote this forever ago but ending up deleting it and many others in a bout of craziness. Happened to find this one saved on my computer and thought I'd repost it. Got the idea from this incredible series.
Summary: How would things be different if Sheppard's condition in Conversion had been contagious?

Long, thick nails scratched lightly down his chest, breath tickling where she rested her head. Jack could feel how sated relaxed she was after their joining. His Queen had a mastery over emotion. She could stay calm in the most dire circumstances, at least outwardly. But this in his arms was the only time her thoughts were purely at peace, not worried with their many enemies or the duties of being responsible for a hive. At least Jack liked to think it was only when he lay in her bed jealous and not with the others.

He felt her amusement at his thoughts - in her mind and in her smile against his skin. She sat up, the blanket falling to her waist, and lithely climbed over him. She sat on his stomach, unashamed of her nakedness. And why should she be? Teyla was a beautiful woman. If she wanted to, she could easily have him hard for her all over again. But that was not her goal. She ran her hands down his arms, fingers encircling each wrist, and brought them to her swollen womb. Their splayed hands different shades of blue rested there, feeling the his child move within.

"You have done well, my koren."

Jack didn't know what her endearment meant but he liked to think it meant favorite.

"Have I?" he asked.

Teyla's yellow eyes widened as she smiled delightfully. "She is a queen."

Their child moved under their fingers; Jack could feel her mind and the thrumming of her heart. His. The first a son had been his as well. A distinction that ranked him above all other males in the hive. Teyla had born five sons, two of which were his own. And now a queen to ensure the furtherance of their hive. He sat up, forcing her to scoot back on his legs. Resting his hands on her back to support her, he leaned forward and tasted the sweetness of her mouth.

Gently, she ran her nails down the sensitive skin next to the ridges on his spine. Jack's mind instantly took him to another pair of hands grazing, clawing, marking him.

"Do you miss him?"

There was no question in his mind as to who she was asking about. He had a moment of worry. Jack had no wish to enrage his queen, lying in her bed with her naked before him and thinking of another. But it was pointless to lie to her. Even if he was successful in blocking his thoughts, Teyla had always been able to see past any mask he wore.

He lay back on the bed, trying to give himself physical space from the question. He didn't want to answer but he could not didn't want to deny her anything.


"Does Lorne not please you?"

"He is sufficient." The bond between brothers of the hive was as vital as their devotion to their queen. Lorne was his closest brother and second only to him for Teyla's affections bed desire lust. Jealous.

"But he is not the one you want."

He didn't want to speak of this. Teyla knew it, but she pressed on. He and Lorne moved well together. Jack had no complaints about his choice of companion. But the other was a craving need that he could not rid himself of. An emotional love want component that both terrified and enthralled him.

Quirking her head just slightly, Teyla mused, "I could still kill her, if you wish."

Jack couldn't contain his smile of amusement. Dryly, he surmised, "I don't think that would mesh well with our plans."

She smiled as well. "No. I do not believe so."

His queen leaned over him, graceful as ever, even heavy with child. Teasing him by nudging their noses, Teyla kept her lips just out of reach. This close her scent was all around him. The beginnings of his arousal were evident but suddenly his mind became filled with chaos. He closed his eyes to make sense of the additional sounds voices when he felt a very familiar one pull at his thoughts.

Stunned, he opened his eyes and stared at the smug grin of his queen. She leaned down, giving him a quick kiss, and then raised a questioning brow. "Shall we dress to meet our guests?"

Heavily amused at his still stunned expression, Teyla grazed her eyes down Jack's torso. "Though I do not believe you shall stay that way long."

She was not surprised. She had planned this. How had she planned this without his knowing? His queen revealed nothing, sliding off him in such a way to ensure his clothing would be snug. They dressed quickly, Teyla calling for Lorne with her mind. He met them on their way to the bay where their guests would be landing. Teyla brightened when she saw him, raising her hand to caress his cheek. Lorne leaned into her touch and Teyla smiled, chittering softly to her mate. She always babied Lorne. They both smiled at his jealousy thoughts but Jack couldn't deny the pleasure it caused him when Lorne's eyes met his with their ever-present promise hunger affection loyalty.

Amara pressed the thought into their minds that the guest vessel approached. Teyla ordered the outer bay doors to be opened and Amara complied. Or tried to. The doors firmly refused to open. His queen simply smiled and ran her hand lovingly down the ridges of the wall. Slowly, the bay doors followed the order given them, allowing the jumper entrance into the hive.

Jack tried to calm his nerves. It had been over a year since he had seen a jumper, seen him those that flew them. Teyla bathed his mind in her calm essence, allowing him to focus. The back of the jumper opened then and the rival queen stepped foot on their soil, so to speak.

"You will have to forgive him, Elizabeth," Teyla said, gingerly running the back of her hand down the doorway once more. "Rodney is very protective of his queen."

Such a simple statement, so many intended reactions to give. Sheppard, to Elizabeth's right favored one, grimaced in distaste and an underlying anger he would dare not express. Elizabeth showed no reaction beyond a quirk of her brow to Teyla's pointed reminder of who was in charge here and the fact that she had gotten the elite scientist. Sheppard may not have approved of Teyla's choice, but Jack knew it to be a wise one. Rodney was a genius and to place such an intellectual as the seed of a hive - it made them unstoppable undefeatable. Their hull was thicker and more durable than any in the galaxy and, unlike most, their pathways were highly monitored. No intruders would go unnoticed.

"As he should be," Elizabeth replied easily. "Shall we?"

Yellow eyes flickered over their shoulders into the hive. Teyla tipped her head in acknowledgement. "But of course. As always, your kival are welcome to roam at their leisure in my home."

A sign of trust, even with Rodney's many eyes always watching. They had an alliance of sorts after all. The Wraith were still the enemy, even after the change. Jack supposed they were cousins in species but they did not feed as wraith did. They had no reliance on humans for food. However, if it pleased the queen, new members could be added to their fold from human worlds.

Elizabeth smiled, but it did not reach her eyes. "Ronon will stay with me."

The blue behemoth to her left smiled the same smile, full of teeth and not friendly.

"Very well." Teyla silently freed Jack to play and he felt the loss of Lorne's touch on his mind. Jack looked across at his companion, but the other simply stared straight ahead waiting for his queen to direct him away. Jack frowned in concern but was distracted by the return of that new presence his mind. It was the first time he'd felt it since the arrival of Atlantis. Jack looked across to see Sheppard staring at him waiting.

Elizabeth turned and blocked Sheppard's view of him. She smiled affectionately and scratched her nails under his chin. The almost drunken look of bliss that Sheppard returned at her affection made Jack hope that he didn't look quite that silly love-struck with his queen. Not looking at him, Teyla informed him you do.

She was quite smug today. Teyla gave him a superior, yet diverted, look. Elizabeth turned from her affectionate release of Sheppard and indicated her readiness to get on to business. Teyla led the way, Lorne stepping in behind her. His stance was ready to defend should anyone try anything hinky. Elizabeth and Ronon followed and Jack knew the moment they were alone because Sheppard surged in his mind.

He could feel the desire want nervous need rolling through him and the remnant presence of those of Atlantis Sheppard kept in his mind. He would never shut them all out just as Jack would not. Not on a rival hive. It was distant blocked in Jack's mind but he could feel Elizabeth and Ronon and ...Chuck. It had been many years since he had seen that member of Atlantis but Sheppard would keep him in mind to be alerted against any attack from their hive.

Lorne was still blocking him not wanting to know this but Jack kept his queen firmly in mind and Amara, who was monitoring Atlantis. Everything else was Sheppard. They walked silently to Jack's quarters and the door had not fully shut when Sheppard pushed him into a wall. Jack grinned eager and let Sheppard inhale his scent did the same. He smelled of his queen and Ronon, the latter annoying him jealous irrationally. But evidently Sheppard felt the same because he growled, his nose flaring, no doubt smelling Lorne all over him.

Jack kissed him fiercely harshly hotly to remind Sheppard that by the time they were through, they would smell only of each other. Not entirely true, as the smell of ones queen never left. Even bathing, Teyla would not let him come to her for a week after this. The smell of Elizabeth that would unerringly be on him would disgust her. Sheppard would be in similar exile.

But it would be worth it.

Sheppard's clawed hand gripped the back of his head the same way it had the very first time. Back on Atlantis not yet changed and Sheppard infected right had reached for him tasted infected him. They had been the first. Sheppard escaping had found Elizabeth next. A true queen emerged. Jack did not feel her calling, did not feel the urge to mate with her as Sheppard did. He was pulled by another felt her though she did not know it then. Those early days were hard to remember now; the instinct had been so strong. He remembered the voices in his mind growing with the strength of the hive, the bond between he and his queen, and the need for Sheppard. But two rival factions could not survive in one city. Teyla had no desire to keep Atlantis, but a battle lasted in its walls while they searched for something she did want. The elusive key, both queens wanting, Rodney had somehow hidden away from them all. At last, they found him scared shaking begging. It did not take long for him to belong change right and Teyla put his skills to use. It was then they left, Jack with his queen, John with his, and only fleeting meetings whenever the occasion called for it had been theirs to have since. Yet both men knew that should they have any cause or simply should their queen wish it, they would kill the other for her.

But he couldn't think about that when Sheppard ran his calloused fingers up the ridges of his spine. Jack bit the others lip as he tried to hold back his shiver of pleasure. Sheppard growled always and took more from Jack's mouth. He pushed them back on his bed, feeling Sheppard's erection on his hip even as his own rubbed did the same. The smell of John filled him with lust so long and he ripped Sheppard's shirt from his pants. He wanted skin, not the BDU's that Sheppard still wore. Ridges and muscle and shades of blue appeared as the clothes disappeared piece by piece. Jack licked and sucked on the skin of Sheppard's neck. Skin sensitive before made more so by the peaks of hardened skin now and Sheppard's eyes fluttered.

But Sheppard never allowed Jack full control for long not here and he flipped them, smiling with primal eyes down on his lover prey. Kissing him again and running his claws through Jack's hair. More than once had Jack's scalp bled from Sheppard's obsession with his hair. Jack reached between them, running a rough hand over the most sensitive ridges of all. Sheppard hardened fully in his hand, his hips moving in counter-rhythm to Jack's. Sheppard returned the touch, rolling Jack's sac around in his hand. He remembered the laughter they'd shared early in the change, the many crude blue balls jokes between them. Things weren't as funny now. Jack couldn't fully understand his behavior before. Or maybe the humor had just changed.

Sheppard brought his mind back to the situation at hand by promptly taking those swollen lips and wrapping them around Jack's cock. Jack groaned at the warm wet heat wicked tongue and let Sheppard remind him who gave the very best blow jobs nine years running. He felt Sheppard's smug grin Crowned Champion in his mind and put his hand on the other mans head to direct traffic in a weak attempt at retaliation. Judging by John's continued smugness extra evil tongue, it didn't work. But somehow he was okay with that.

It was only later, when Sheppard slid inside him, that Jack remembered why he only let John do this. The ridges made first entry painful vulnerable and Jack couldn't imagine letting anyone else see him that way. Didn't know why Sheppard made it okay. Sheppard kissed the line of pointed flesh by his ear, easing the rest of the way in. Jack breathed through the burn, adjusting to his width. When he opened his eyes, Sheppard looked down on him with a softness affection Jack didn't expect. Even with the obvious unexplainable attraction between them, Sheppard wasn't one to show emotion. His protective emotional barrier was thicker than Rodney's superhive.

The moment passed as soon as it happened and John moved. A fresh sting pain but then right there pleasure that shot through his whole body. He could feel Sheppard's excitement rush ecstasy and it just intensified his own. Touches and kisses and that slick in and out with rolled thrusts perfectly meeting his own. Jack's eyes were wide open but he saw nothing as every nerve in his body exploded in rapture, hot white cum shooting across his chest. Sheppard's thrusts lost their rhythm, Jack's orgasm rushing through him, and he pounded toward his own release. Burying his nose in Jack's hair, inhaling intoxicating, he came with a low growl, emptying his seed as deep inside as he could reach.

Sheppard wasn't one to stay in after the party and he withheld his sigh as John left his body. He watched as Sheppard stood on shaky legs and availed himself of one of Jack's towels. Cleaning himself first, he came back and cleaned Jack as well. Throwing the towel wherever it may fall, Sheppard came back to bed, sprawling himself over Jack completely. He shifted his legs and let Sheppard hold him hold each other.

Jack let his mind wander to his queen, checking in on her. She was pleased with his thought of her but busy in negotiations with Elizabeth. Sheppard's breath tickled his chest just as Teyla's had. They would rest. For a while. They would have time for one more joining before Atlantis would leave and then it may be another year before they were together again. Sheppard rolled off to the side with that thought, turning Jack with him. Cupping Jack's cheek, he brought their foreheads together and closed his eyes.

It was hard to explain what they shared in those moments. The first time Sheppard had compared it to an experience he'd had with an Ancient once. Jack thought it was like a Vulcan mind-meld but Sheppard hadn't liked being compared to a pointy-eared alien sensitive about his ears. It was everything and nothing, memories and feelings, moments and voids. It was everything they missed. It was enough to get them by.

Hours later Jack watched the jumper leave, Rodney firmly closing the doors behind it. He opened his mind back up to his hive, reassured by the familiar hum of his family. One was still missing blocking him and Jack had to wonder if Lorne was more devoted to him than he thought.

It is about time you noticed, a silky feminine voice informed him.

Troubled, Jack bore the burden of that news. He'd never intended to hurt anyone, least of all his companion. He cared for Lorne. But even as he thought it, he felt the loss of the other mate as Atlantis exited into hyperspace and knew he would take nothing back.

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