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Slash- Sheppard/Woolsey - Good food, Good Wine, Good Company.

Title: Good Food, Good Wine, Great Company
Fandom: SGA
Characters: John Sheppard/Richard Woolsey
Prompt: Slash - 589 : Good food, good wine, great company.
Word Count: 2730
Rating: NC-17
Summary: After returning to earth, John finds that good food, good wine and great company lead to something unexpected.
Disclaimer: I have no claim on any of the settings or characters used in this story.
Authors Note This story takes place after the episode 'Enemy At The Gate." There are various spoilers. I would also like to thank my beta phenix_00. If there are still any mistakes they are all mine!

John was getting fed up. Two days after the Wraith ship had been defeated and Atlantis had been safely brought to earth, personnel were taken from Atlantis to Cheyenne mountain for debriefing. He had imagined that it would just be with General Landry, but no. They had been interviewed by the General, by the IOA and by the Department of Homeworld Security. The latter meaning spending time in the company of Brigadier General Jack O'Neill, head of said department. They had been talked to together and in small groups and in some cases alone.

"At least that lightened that one." John thought.

At some point in all this Rodney had remarked, "I know that we need to debrief. But how many times to we need to tell the same thing to all these people. Couldn't they just have done it all in one go?"

John agreed with him. He was wondering who else would come out of the woodwork wanting to talk to them. He wouldn't have minded quite so much if he hadn't found himself having to defend Carson from the IOA, who were still trying to say that he was a threat because he was a clone. John forcibly reminded them everyone on Atlantis didn't give a damn that he was a clone, that he had been the one that had managed to get the city from the Pegasus galaxy to save the collective earth ass and that he had been the one that got Atlantis down safely too. Carson thanked him for his support. It was another day before the debrief was finished.

It was then that Jack decided to arrange a little something for everyone back on Atlantis. John had been told to dress smart. That was how John found himself standing in his quarters wearing his dress blues. Straightening his tie, he looked at himself in the mirror, threw a lazy salute and headed out of the door.

He headed in to the conference room where the table was filled with food. Helping himself to a plate full of food and a glass of wine, he headed out to the balcony. On the way out, he spotted Chuck and Walter leaning over the balcony looking down at the stargate. They were deep in conversation regarding gate operations.

When he arrived on the balcony he saw lots of people smiling and he heard laughter. After everything they had been through it was nice to see. As he walked over to the crowd he spotted Richard. He was wearing a black suit, white shirt, wine colored tie with a matching handkerchief in his breast pocket. John couldn't help noticing that he looked immaculate as ever. And god did he look handsome.

"Handsome. Wow! Where the hell did that come from?" he thought to himself.

It had always struck John as being strange that Richard and he had formed such a close friendship. Maybe it was the fact that he was in command of the military contingent on Atlantis as well as being the head of SGA-1 that had made him come to him for support. He would never be sure. All he knew was that when they heard Sam had been replaced by 'Woolsey', there was a collective feeling of dread. The last thing that Atlantis needed was a 'rules bunny'. The Pegasus galaxy didn't work by the rules. Hell after all the things he had heard since he'd been home, he wasn't even sure that the Milky Way did either.

At first 'Woolsey' was everything that they had feared he would be. But then after the incident with Dr Keller, he began to change. Over time, it was as if he stopped being a member of the I.O.A and started becoming the leader of the Atlantis expedition. He began to care about what happened. John remembered they way that he had been when Ronan had been taken by the wraith and how he had been the one that had come to his teams defence when they were taken by the Coalition. He also admired him for the fact that he had allowed them to use the wormhole drive. In fact, if it hadn't been for that, he and the rest of SGA-1 and Major Lorne would be dead by now.

Also, he noted with a rye smile, as time went on he went from 'Woolsey', to Mr Woolsey and finally to Richard. He stopped being someone that he felt could be an adversary and became a colleague and a good friend.

It was then that John became very much aware of the fact that he had been staring at the man. This wasn't helped when Richard raised his glass to him and smiled. It wasn't a forced smile either. It was warm and genuine and made John feel all warm inside. He couldn't help it. How had this man managed to get to him like this? It wasn't like he was a stranger to having relations with men, but even by his standards Richard Woolsey wasn't his type. And yet he was beginning to get feelings for him. And he wasn't sure how he felt about it.

Realizing that he was starting to blush, John decided to make a move. As he started to move he noticed Major Davis standing with Generals O'Neill and Landry. As he walked past the Major gave him a nod. John returned it with a smile.

Then John spotted Teyla, Ronan, Amelia, Jennifer and Carson. Carson had managed to get a kilt and he had a very interesting shirt on. It seemed to be threaded together at the front.

"Aye lass. It's called a Jacobian." Carson said with smile.

Amelia got a wicked look in her eye. "I've heard that Scotsmen don't wear anything under their kilts. Is it true?" Carson blushed.

Jennifer looked at her with a shocked grin on her face. "You can't ask him that Amelia." The she looked at Ronan and said, "Honestly, you have a boyfriend too."

Ronan stared at her. Teyla smiled and John couldn't help laughing. Then he spotted Sam, Rodney and Radek standing in a group. They were discussing the idea of moving Atlantis.

"... Well she can't stay here for ever." Radek said, "People are going to start asking questions."

"And where are we going to get the power from?" Rodney said. "I'm amazed that we even have enough power to keep the shields going. How exactly do you expect us to get out of here and to do it without being noticed? And not only that, where are we going to go?"

Radek started to say something in Czech as Sam looked at John and rolled her eyes. "I've been asked to work with them." John couldn't help laughing at this, "I can see that I'm in for an interesting time."

"Oh don't worry about them. They're a like a pair of kids. " John said with a grin, "They'll get over it and come through when you need them."

He then spend the rest of the evening socializing. As he did so, he kept looking around for Richard. There was something very comforting in seeing him.

Eventually everyone drifted off and Richard and John were the only ones left. John asked, "What are you going to do now?"

Richard said, "I was going to go to my quarters for a nightcap. Would you care to join me?"

John looked a little surprised and said, "Yes. That would be great. Thank you."

The two men made their way up to Richard's quarters in companionable silence. This was the first time that John had been there. As they walked in to the room Richard showed John to the couch. John unbuttoned his uniform jacket and relaxed. Richard looked at his wine collection and picked one out.

Richard said, "Do you have a family John?"

"Nope. I was married but we never had any children" John replied.

"What happened?" Richard asked him, as he reached for a corkscrew.

John looked at him as he uncorked the wine. "I don't know. I guess I found it was easier to devote my life to my job than discuss my feelings with her. I couldn't tell her what I had seen. It was ... too much for me, so how could I tell anyone else about it. Then there was all the stuff that I really couldn't tell her. You know, the classified bits. But that was fine, because it meant that I could hide behind it." John took a sip of the wine that he had be given, "So in the end, she couldn't cope with it anymore. We got divorced and that didn't go down very well with my family. And as for the rest, it's history."

Richard nodded. He knew only to well what it was like to get divorced. But his came because of something completely different.

John looked at Richard and asked, "You're divorced too aren't you. So what happened with you?"

Richard sighed as he replied. "Let's just say that I eventually discovered that I couldn't get what I felt I needed from being married to my wife. I realized that I had married her because I felt that was what was expected of me. I have a feeling that she realized it too and that's why she took so much from me in the divorce"

Richard looked at John and held his gaze. John felt his dark brown eyes reaching deep in to him. Was he reading this right or was it just wishful thinking?

"I'm going to have a cigar on the balcony. Would you like to join me?" Richard asked.

John smiled. "Thanks. I think I will." John said, as he got up from the couch.

Taking his glass of wine with him, he walked out on to the balcony with Richard. It was big enough for two people to fit comfortably and that added to the air of intimacy that John was beginning to feel. The two men lit up their cigars and stood looking out at the view.

Looking up at the stars John said, "I know that we have come home, but I'm not sure I feel that earth is my home any more."

Richard smiled. "You're not the only one who feels that way. I have had Major Lorne telling me exactly the same thing."

"What about you Richard?" John asked.

Richard looked at him and thought about it for a while before answering. "I think that Atlantis feels like my home now." Then he looked at John and said, "I may be getting sentimental in my old age, but I don't feel right having Atlantis here. Atlantis belongs in the Pegasus galaxy, as do the rest of us."

John grinned at Richard. "So she's got to you too."

Richard smiled back and said, "Yes. I think she has."

After they had finished, Richard stood looking out across the water. John looked at Richard. What he was about to do was either going to get him court martialed, or take their friendship to the next level. Putting down his glass, John moved behind Richard and pulled him in close to his body, As he held him, John nuzzled at his neck. There was a smell of an earthy aftershave, mixed with the lingering smell of cigar smoke. John closed his eyes and waited. Instead of the expected push away and shouts of recrimination, John found Richard relaxing against his body.

"Are you sure Richard?" John asked.

Richard moved gently out of John's grasp. Turning around to face him, Richard answered the question by kissing him. It was soft and gentle, as Richard explored John's lips. It was as if he was awaiting permission to take more from him. John moved closer, managing to open his mouth, allowing Richard to claim it with his tongue. Eventually they had to break for air and the two men looked at each other.

"I think you have your answer John." Richard said, as he looked at him. His brown eye's wide with lust.

He lent in to John and could feel his erection through his pants. John in return could feel Richards. Pulling away, Richard took John's hand and led him towards the bed, stopping only to give him another kiss.

"Wow. I never see this coming." John said as Richard pushed him backwards on the bed.

Richard climbed on the bed beside John and threw open his jacket. Then after taking off John's tie, Richard set to work on John's shirt. He opened the buttons and pulled his shirt open. Richard smiled almost in reverence at the sight before him, as he ran his fingers over the hair on John's chest. Richard then took one of John's nipples and rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. The feeling was electric and went straight down to his cock. Richard noticed this and went straight to John's other nipple. John could feel his cock straining against his pants. Richard smiled wickedly as he reached down to palm John's erection through the blue material. Keeping his hand there Richard began to kiss his way down the line of hair on his chest, down to his navel. Then he stopped and began to kiss and caress John's navel with his lips and tongue. This earned him a moan as John began to writhe beneath him.

"Easy John, or this will be over before it's begun." Richard said as he placed a hand on his chest to settle him.

Richard then undid John's belt and pulled it open. He then got to work on his pants, pulling down John's fly and opening his pants wide. He nuzzled the hard cock that lay beneath the cloth. John lay back and let it all happen. Richard then pulled down the front of his briefs and rubbed his face against the hair, inhaling deeply. After giving the head of John's cock a suck, which earned him a whimper from John, Richard got off the bed. As he did, he took off John's pants, briefs, shoes and socks. He stood back and admired the view as John lay there, spread-eagled on the bed, with his bear chest and his hard cock laying on his belly.

"Mm. So nice. This is what I have been looking for, for so long." Richard said as he stripped off and joined John on the bed.

Climbing on to the bed, Richard moved up to capture John's face in his hands, pulling him in to a passionate kiss. Then, after preparing John and himself, he pushed John's legs up and entered him. He held still to allow John to adjust then began to thrust. Richard looked at John as he made love to him, his face a picture of bliss. Richard then lent down and kissed him passionately. Soon after, the room was filled with the sound of two men making love. John was the first to come, splattering it over his belly. As he did, his ass gripped hard around Richard's cock taking him over the edge.

Richard pulled out and collapsed beside John, trailing his finger through the mess that was on his stomach. "You know, we really should get this cleaned up."

John looked at him, with half lidded eyes. "Mm. That would be good."

John lay there in a blissed out state until Richard came and lifted him up off the bed. Richard smiled. "Come on. I've run a bath and it's big enough for two."

After Richard had helped John slip off his jacket and shirt, he followed him through to the bathroom. On seeing the bath John raised his eyebrows and said, "Impressive."

Richard laughed. "Well there have to be some compensations for being in charge."

John laughed as he slipped in to the bath full of bubbles. Once, John was settled, Richard disappeared and came back with two glasses of wine. Handing one to John, he placed the other on the side of the bath and then got in himself.

John lazily cleaned himself off as he took a sip of wine. "That was an amazing way to end a good night." he said with a grin.

Richard said, "Yes," as he raised his glass in a toast, "Here's to good food, good wine and great company."

John raised his glass and smiled.

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