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2008 sg_rarepairings ficathon master list

1. sardonicsmiley wrote As Dreamers Do (Lorne/Zelenka) for gblvr
2. facetofcathy wrote Champagne and Caviar (Carter/Sheppard) for azure_horizon
3. prehistoric_sea wrote Glitzy Copper (Mal Doran/Teal'c) for sasusc
4. azure_horizon wrote Of Three (Emmagan/Lorne) for tielan
5. azure_horizon wrote Unerring Complexities of the Human Psyche - Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3 (Emmagan/Lorne) for tielan
6. eviljr wrote Move With Me (Emmagan/Lorne) for margarks
7. hariboo wrote Easy Complexity (Mitchell/Vala) for dizzydame
8. bluflamingo wrote Still Running (Lorne/Sheppard) for prehistoric_sea
9. groovekittie wrote Conflict and Resolution (Carter/Jackson) for rightxhere
10. kisahawklin wrote Sweetness and Light (Heightmeyer/Sheppard) for merlins_sister
11. kisahawklin wrote Any Old Reason (Cadman/Weir) for merlins_sister
12. merlins_sister wrote The White Queen's Knight (Caldwell/Weir) for tanaquisga
13. beanpot wrote Statistical Improbabilities (Carter/McKay) for sardonicsmiley
14. tanaquisga wrote Adrift (Heightmeyer/Sheppard/Weir) for falcon_horus
15. falcon_horus wrote Signs (Emmagan/Heightmeyer) for altyronsmaker
16. margarks wrote Endurance (Dex/Weir) for kisahawklin
17. margarks wrote The Weight of Responsibility (Emmagan/Weir) for kisahawklin
18. beatrice_otter wrote Cages (Gardner/Jackson) for yviwriting
19. vain_glorious wrote Kind of Forgotten Bliss (Mitchell/Sheppard) for bluflamingo
20. zorb wrote Puppet (McKay/Zelenka) for eviljr
21. skinscript wrote Scenes From a Courtship (Keller/McKay) for vicki595
22. goddess47 wrote Farm Holiday (Mitchell/Sheppard) for skieswideopen
23. wraithsinger (backup) wrote Tell Me What You Want (Carter/McKay) for groovekittie
24. weaselett wrote the minor fall (Fraiser/Jackson) for starlings_id
25. matt1969 wrote Taking Flight (Carter/Zelenka) for teh_bug
26. scifichick2012 wrote I'm With Genius (McKay/Quinn) for indybaggins
27. colej55 wrote Complications - Part 1 Part 2 (Fraiser/Jackson) for cnidarian
28. lyssie wrote Difficulties in Conflating Monetary Arrangements into Lucrative Results (Mal Doran/Sheppard) for havocthecat
29. prehistoric_sea (backup) wrote à la Sainte Terre (Dex/Kusanagi) for rodlox
30. raisintorte wrote Before the West Was Won (Jackson/Mitchell) for facetofcathy
31. lizardbeth_j wrote Half the Distance to the Open Door (Baal/Qetesh) for zorb
32. lanna_kitty wrote Marking Time (Dex/Emmagan) for ed_84
33. gblvr wrote A Love Story in Four Parts (Lorne/Zelenka) for goddess47
34. mahoni wrote No Such Thing As Accident (Jackson/Sheppard) for etain_anders
35. world_of_blade wrote The Trouble With Griks (Carter/Lorne) for beanpot
36. ed_84 wrote Katabatics Winds (Sumner/Weir) for raisintorte
37. epiphanyx7 wrote Say No To Velociraptors (Dex/Sheppard) for mahoni
38. rodlox wrote Searching together (Dex/Kusanagi) for beatrice_otter
39. yviwriting wrote Without Words (Carter/Teal'c) for triciabyrne1978
40. tielan wrote The Only Truth That Sticks (Emmagan/Michael) for aruja
41. medie wrote Mirrorman (Emmagan/Michael) for sasusc
42. havocthecat wrote Ten Years of Perseverance (Emmagan/Michael, Heightmeyer/Sheppard, and Lorne/Weir) for world_of_blade
43. majorsamfan wrote Torture Indeed! (Carter/Teal'c) for triciabyrne1978
44. triciabyrne1978 wrote No Road Is Long With Good Company (Carter/Mitchell) for meeshy
45. teh_bug wrote Maybe Michael Ende Was Onto Something (Beckett/Cadman) for gateruner
46. vicki595 wrote A Little Mishap (Lorne/Weir, mentions of past Cadman/Lorne) for weaselett
47. skieswideopen wrote Foreign Greetings, Common Challenges (Emmagan/Mal Doran) for epiphanyx7
48. falcon_horus wrote Loves Long Journey (Beckett/Emmagan) for altyronsmaker
49. cnidarian wrote Medical Directives (Fraiser/Jackson) for scifichick2012
50. dizzydame wrote Toss Me High and Smile (Lam/Mitchell) for hariboo
51. triciabyrne1978 wrote How to Make Friends and Influence Colonels (Caldwell/Carter) for majorsamfan
52. writinginct (backup) wrote Waiting For You (Carter/Mitchell) for lizardbeth_j
53. sasusc wrote One Day Late (Dex/Keller) for matt1969
54. gateruner wrote Never Say Never (Dex/Keller) for medie
55. etain_anders wrote Connections (Carter/Weir) for lyssie
56. rightxhere wrote First and Last (Cadman/Lorne) for groovekittie
57. altyronsmaker wrote Protocol (Miller/Sheppard) for skinscript
58. wisdomeagle (backup) wrote FlyboyFlygirl (Carter/Sheppard) for skinscript
59. triciabyrne1978 (backup) wrote Platonic Physics (Miller/Zelenka) for lanna_kitty
60. meeshy wrote Of Alien Ooze and SGC Real Estate (Fraiser/Jackson) for colej55
61. havocthecat (backup) wrote Animus (Cadman/Emmagan) for lyssie
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