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Firstly? Thank you ALL so very much for participating. This has been a wonderful, manic, ficathon from our end. I can't speak for havocthecat but this has been the first ficathon I've run and I've really enjoyed it. I couldn't have done it without havocthecat's help though!

Read, enjoy and remember to feedback! (No the numbers don't quite add up due to people defaulting).

1. vicki595 wrote Not Really a Fairytale (Sam/Cameron, PG13) for surreallis
2. liviapen (Back up writer) wrote Seedlings (Ronon/Elizabeth, G)for technosage
3. shusu wrote Visions in the Autumn (Teyla/Rodney, G) for scarletts_awry
5. meeshy wrote Reflections (Sam/Cameron, PG) for helsinkibaby
6. matt1969 wrote Educating the Kelownan, Part 3 (Sam and Jonas, PG) for skydiver119
7. havocthecat (back up writer) wrote Of Transfers and Margaritas (Janet/Elizabeth, PG13) for vicki595
8. cdybedahl wrote Seducing an Athosian (Teyla/Vala, NC17) for newbie_2u
9. skydiver119 wrote Viva las Vegas (Sam/Paul, PG) for matt1969
10. heimedall wrote Cause and Effect Part 1 and Part 2 (Jack/Janet, NC17) for nydia
12. havocthecat wrote Ocean's Pull (Jack/Elizabeth, NC-17) for medie
13. settiai wrote Silcence is a Virtue (Rodney/Ronon, PG) for halotolerant
14. million_moments wrote The World's Smallest Bar (Daniel/Elizabeth, PG) for babylil
15. victoriaely wrote Storms (Elizabeth/Rodney, PG)for settiai
16. sjhw_tolerance wrote Say Uncle (Rodney/Teyla, Adult) AND also a second fic An Extrodinary Man (Elizabeth/Jacob, Mature) for rushingwind
17. jeyla4ever wrote Poseidon (John and Teyla, NC-17) for tielan
18. newbie_2u wrote Flaws (Sam/Janet, PG) for elfcat255
19. katiedammit wrote The Stars and Sea (Sam/Janet, PG) for sgate_2001
20. surreallis wrote Lost in the Snow (Sam/Teal'c, PG) for ctorres
21. selmak wrote Living La Vida Tokra (Jacob/Selmak & Yosef/Garshaw, PG) for triciabyrne1978
22. chase_acow wrote Perks, For Lack of a Better Name (Lorne/Mitchell, PG) for kellifer_fic
23. kellifer_fic wrote The Long Pause Between (Sam/Cameron, PG) for meeshy
24. scarletts_awry wrote Damage Control (Sheppard, Beckett, PG) for victoriaely
25. medie (Backup writer) wrote my soul made me chariots for a princely people (Teyla/Lorne, R) for purple_cube
26. raisintorte wrote It Takes Effort to Be This Unlucky (John/Cameron, PG-13) for alizarin_nyc
28. purple_cube wrote For a Lonely Soul (Teyla/Sora, PG)for million_moments
29. technosage wrote Intimate Geometries (Teyla/Sam, PG13) for cydebedhal
30. gaiaanarchy wrote Five Ways Kate and Radek Don't Start the Revolution (Radek/Kate, PG13) for missyvortexdv
31. rydra_wong wrote And Not Expecting a Pardon (Sam/Cameron, R) for lauralaitaine
32. missyvortexdv wrote The Moments Between (John/Teyla, author rated K) for sjhw_tolerance
33. halotolerant wrote Divergent Paths (Rodney/Ronon, P-13)for finntasmic
34. rydra_wong (Back up writer) wrote Under every Green Tree (Sam/Ba'al, NC-17) for rodlox
35. alizarin_nyc wrote Room of One's Own (Ronon/Elizabeth, NC-17) for heimedall
36. suzy_queue wrote Off the Beaten Path (Cam/Vala, G) for cherryblosomjen
37. lauralaitaine wrote All in a Days Work (Sam/Cameron, PG-13) for raisintorte
38. sgate_2001 wrote Whe Good Plans Go bad (Sam/Janet, NC-17)for toonsinator
39. lizardbeth_j wrote In the Dream of Home (Ronon/Elizabeth, PG)for skandrae
40. rodlox (Back up writer) wrote A lionfish is like a peacock, kinda (Elizabeth/Ronon, PG/PG-13) for beatrice_otter
41. paranoidangel42 wrote Never Easy (Elizabeth/Jack, PG13 ) for irony_rocks
42. helsinkibaby wrote A Day of Surprises (Carter/Sheppard, PG) for deaniebtvs
43. rushingwind wrote Thorns, Puddleumpers and Cartwheels (Sheppard/Lorne, R) for infinimato
44. shutthef_up wrote Mechanical Law (Sam/Daniel, NC17) for tarimanveri
45. tarimanveri wrote From Russia With Love (Sam Cameron, R) for lizardbeth_j
46. purple_cube (backup writer) wrote What Faith Tells Us (John/Teyla, PG) and Of Kings and Queens (Elizabeth/Ronon, PG) for allisnow
47. sela21k wrote A time for peace (Jack & Elizabeth, G) for paranoidangel42
49. tielan wrote Unexpected (Teyla/Caldwell, PG) for sela21k
50. rodlox wrote Introductions (Teal'c & Teyla, PG-13) and Extinctions and Relocations (Rodney/Elizabeth, PG/PG-13) for shusu
51. beatrice_otter wrote Adrift (Sheppard/Teyla, PG)for jeyla4ever
52. elfcat255 wrote The Doctor's Mission (Sam/Janet, PG) for katiedammit
53. havocthecat (backup writer) wrote The Syntax of Things (Lorne/McKay, Heightmeyer/Weir, PG) for puddlejumper_2
55. babylil wrote Poof! (Novak/Weir, PG) for trialia
56. tielan (back up writer) wrote Effective (Carson/Rodney, PG-13) for littlemimm
57. skandrae wrote Persistent Ache (Elizabeth/Radek, G) for selmak
58. kellifer_fic (Back up writer)wrote Build Your Walls, I'll Tear Them Down Brick By Brick (Daniel/Vala, PG) for suzy_queue
59. puddle_jumper2 wrote Touchstone (Daniel/Cameron, PG13) for enigel
60. triciabyrne1978 wrote Far From Perfect (Janet/Elizabeth, PG13) for havocthecat
61. enigel wrote Hunting Trip (Daniel/Cameron, R)for chase_acow
62. infinimato wrote Rollin' and Tumblin' (Sam/Daniel, NC17)for shutthef_up
63. lizardbeth_j (Back up writer) wrote A Strange Alien Allure (Jonas/Cameron , PG13) for rydra_wong
64. medie wrote for How we Spent Our Summer Vacation Part 1 and Part 2 (Sheppard/Mitchell and Cadman/McKay , NC17) gaiaanarchy
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