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The Stargate Rare Pairings Ficathon
The small pairings get their turn.
Fic Battle Full Master List 
1st-May-2008 10:29 am
shalott text
I know it's late, and please accept my apologies for the delay! This is every fic posted for the 2008 sg_rarepairings fic battle, separated out by genre. Please drop a comment if you find a correction that needs to be made. (Though if you posted something that could theoretically be in two genres, I made a call on which it fit in better, since I didn't want to list anything more than once.)

Recognition by sasuc, Jennifer Keller & Rodney McKay, Firefly TV show, PG
Team Spirit by mahoni, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan, & John Sheppard, 'team colors,' PG-13
Family Tree by havocthecat , Adria & Vala Mal Doran, blood will tell, PG
Untitled by little_whispers, Cameron Mitchel & John Sheppard, 'Losing your pants?', PG
History Repeating by cinaed, Ronon Dex & Teyla Emmagan, time loop, PG
Untitled by ed_84, Evan Lorne & Elizabeth Weir, "Making it through the day" (pg)
Who He Is When Teyla's Looking by tielan, John&Teyla, 'between missions', G
Just A Number by falcon_horus, Kate Heightmeyer & Teyla Emmagan, 42 (life, universe & everything), friendship, G
Last Call by vain_glorious, Ronon Dex & Evan Lorne, "tequila", PG-13
Gangbusters by vain_glorious, Mitchell & Ronon, "jello wrestling", PG
Now He Swapped His Legs For Roots by vain_glorious, Ronon & Sheppard, "blood brothers", PG
Not Silver or Gold by vain_glorious, Daniel, Vala , & Sheppard, "among the ruins of the Ancients", PG-13
Heirlooms by lirielviridian, Jack O’Neill and Thor, not enough time, PG
One Forgotten Day by vain_glorious, Ronon & Daniel, "security", PG-13
What to Do When the World Doesn't End by cinaed, Peter Grodin & Simpson, first day, G
This To Me Is How To Leave Matters Unresolved , Part One & Part Two by vain_glorious, Teyla & Rodney, "run", PG-13 1/2
Why He Prefers 'Jumpers Of The Mechanical Kind by tielan, John & Teyla, horseback riding, G
Snapshot by tielan, Teyla & Lorne, pose for me, PG-13
Blood Will Tell by beatrice_otter, Adria & Vala Mal Doran, PG
Creatures From The Pink Lagoon by tielan, Teyla & John, alien landscapes and danger, PG-13

The Greater Truth by wraithsinger, Teyla/Michael, "Secrets," Romance/Angst, PG-13
It Burns by wraithsinger, Teyla/Michael, "Help me," Hurt/Comfort, PG-13
Accidentally On Purpose by medie, Jennifer/Ronon, afternoon, PG13
Supposed To Be by azure_horizon, Sheppard/Teyla, "Suddenly I'm on top of the world..." Romance/Angst, M
Lucky by miss_meganmae, Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard, "Suddenly I'm on top of the world..." PG-13
Reavings by tielan, Teyla/John, 'Without you I'm not okay', PG-13
Menagerie by tielan, Teyla/Cameron, lions and tigers and bears, PG
Where My Soul Should Be by noveltea, Teyla/Michael, Betrayal, PG-13
Breakaway by lirielviridian, Jack O’Neill/Elizabeth Weir, what we don’t talk about, PG-13
Stillpoint by harriet_spy, Teyla/Michael, "safe," PG-13
Subdued by havocthecat, Teyla Emmagan/Michael Kenmore, broken, PG
The Night-Shift by cinaed, Peter Grodin/Miko Kusanagi, misinterpreting, PG
Children of the Skies by purple_cube, Teyla/Cameron, "Peace", PG
Bring Her Home by azure_horizon, Sheppard/Teyla 'Bring her home' G/K
What's In A Name? by falcon_horus, Kate Heightmeyer/John Sheppard, what's in a name?, PG
Favorite Mistake by ed_84, Evan Lorne/Elizabeth Weir, "Midnight" (R)
Could I Be Lost Forever by liminalliz, Teyla/Michael, "power", PG13
Cable Porn by rolleson, Jennifer Keller/ Rodney McKay, 'Say, did you know our basic cable comes with lesbian porn?', R
Making Mischief by cinaed, Vala Mal Doran/Radek Zelenka, uncontainable energy, G
One step behind self by lirielviridian, Kavanagh/Simpson, Why do you think I'm always assigned to you, PG
Temptation by miera_c, Teyla/Lorne "trust" PG
Winners by miss_meganmae, Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard, sparring, NC-17
Saving Her by geonncannon, Weir/Lorne, rescue mission, NC17
Affirmation by shutthef_up, Sabrina Gosling/Daniel Jackson, whip, NC-17
Interrogation by shutthef_up, Evan Lorne/Lindsay Novak, 'I'm not scared of you..., PG-13
Half-Pint by azure_horizon, Sheppard/Teyla, 'Half-Pint', G/K
A Long Walk by vicki595, Laura Cadman/Evan Lorne, 'no boom today', PG
Apologies to Bogie by geonncannon, Sam/Lorne, ma'am, NC17
each new hour holds by medie, Vala/Martouf (w. symbiotes), Jolinar, R
Sanctuary by cinaed, Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagan, where I belong, PG
Making A Deal by rolleson, Sam/Barrett, handcuffs, PG-13
Anything You Need To Know by rolleson, Sam/Ronon , 'So...porn. You guys watch a lot of it?', R
Double Negative by [Bad username: timeboundpythia</a>, Jack ONeill/Elizabeth Weir, Would I lie to you?, PG <a href= ] Cast Signing by rolleson, Sam/McKay, genius at work, PG
Sax Rohmer #2 by harriet_spy, Teyla/Michael, "just got back from hell," PG-13
One Fine Morning by noveltea, Sam Carter/Evan Lorne, Picnic, G
Breakfast For Sexual Favours by rolleson, Sam/Cam, who buys breakfast?, NC-17
Beneath the Darkening Sky by geonncannon, Sam/Teal'c, always there when I need you, R
Perchance by fic_zat, Janet Fraiser/Daniel Jackson, Persian Rug, PG
Reunion by shutthef_up, Cadman/Lorne, cheap motel, R
Fixing clichés by valeria_sg_1, Vala Mal Doran/Cameron Mitchell high school, R
Oops by jj_apples, Carter/Mitchell, 'Let me consult my 'Idiot's Guide to Wanton Behavior.' PG-13
Best Visit Ever by vicki595, Cadman/Lorne, inappropriate, NC-17
Wisconsin Rules by madkrazyghetto, Ronon Dex/Jennifer Keller, stitches, PG
a girl's gotta do... by hariboo, Daniel/Vala, trap, NC-17
Concentrate by timeboundpythia, Jack O'Neill/Elizabeth Weir, 38 Across, PG-13
Fair Fight by jj_apples, Sam/Ronon, sparring, NC17
Nightmares by skieswideopen, Kate Heightmeyer/John Sheppard, darkness, R
Little Moments, Outright by tielan John/Teyla, brush, PG-13
Taking Rest From Desert Wanderings by tielan, John/Teyla, wilderness, het, PG-13
My Damsel by greenconverses, John/Teyla, rescue and romance, het, PG
Chances Missed by azure_horizon, Teyla/John, 'regrets finally spoken', K/G
Somewhere Between Agony And Ever After by rolleson, Mckay/Keller, Happily ever after, PG-13
Hideout by meeshy; Sam Carter/Cameron Mitchell; irrational fear of clowns; PG-13
Spectrum by doxymom, John/Teyla, Persephone in the Underworld, PG-13
Dance by darkbunnyrabbit Vala/Cameron, High school, PG
Flavours Of Home by tielan, John/Teyla, Persephone in the underworld, PG-13
Family Lies by madkrazyghetto, Vala Mal Doran/Tomin, marriage, PG
Wake Up With Me by madkrazyghetto, Teyla Emmagan/Rodney McKay, awkward, PG-13
Not a Damsel in Distress by ladyjax, Sam Carter/Teal'c, "holding hands," G
Requiem by havocthecat, Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran, Adria's lament, G
In A Tongue I Can Speak by groovekittie, Samantha Carter/Daniel Jackson, language, PG

Selene by havocthecat, Teyla Emmagan/Elizabeth Weir, the moon is a goddess, PG
Love at First Sight by falcon_horus, Teyla Emmagan/Kate Heightmeyer, love at first sight, PG
Trip Of A Lifetime by falcon_horus, Kate Heightmeyer/Elizabeth Weir, Antarctica, PG-13
Sparkle by angelqueen04, Vala Mal Doran/Elizabeth Weir, jewels, PG-13
Go by geonncannon, Keller/Weir (replicators), goodbyes, R
The Smells Taunt by little_whispers, Kate Heightmeyer/Elizabeth Weir, burn, PG-13
it's always ourselves we find in the sea by havocthecat, Kate Heightmeyer/Elizabeth Weir, washed by the waves, NC-17
orphans by lyssie, Teyla Emmagan/Elizabeth Weir, silence, PG13
Dawn by timeboundpythia, Miko Kusanagi/Elizabeth Weir, Sunshine, PG
Delete by timeboundpythia, Miko Kusanagi/Elizabeth Weir, ID, G
Phase Two by vicki595, Janet Fraiser/Elizabeth Weir, '...Welcome to Parenthood', PG
Honesty by timeboundpythia, Vala Mal Doran/Elizabeth Weir, Con Artist, PG
Looking To The Heavens by little_whispers,Teyla Emmagan/Elizabeth Weir, lightyears away, PG
Chivalry Isn't Dead by rolleson, Sam/Laura Cadman, chivalry isn't dead, R
Blood by timeboundpythia, Teyla Emmagan/Vala Mal Doran, bitch, femslash, PG
love is a matter of faith by hariboo, Vala/Sha're, love, PG-13
Yubileynaya by leyenn, Sam Carter/Svetlana Markov, vodka, G
The Science of Sleep by madkrazyghetto, Sam Carter/Vala Mal Doran, distraction, femslash, PG-13
Touching Stars by rolleson, Sam Carter/Elizabeth Weir, apology, PG

Playing catch up by miera_c, Sheppard/Lorne, "rain," NC-17
Warmth by mahoni, Ronon/John, 'fire,' G
Context by mahoni, Daniel Jackson/John Sheppard, 'books,' R
Blind Man's Bluff by cinaed, Ronon Dex/Evan Lorne, blind, PG-13
Early Morning Freak-Out by bluflamingo, John/Cam, quiet, G
Holding an Advantage by jya_bd_cp_ttgb, Ronon Dex/Evan Lorne, Clumsy & Blind, G
Measuring Up by jya_bd_cp_ttgb, Evan Lorne/Teal'c, capable, G
The Art of Wanting by cinaed, Ronon Dex/John Sheppard, running, PG
Boys and Their Toys by madkrazyghetto, Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard, gun in your pocket, PG-13
Under One Moon by skieswideopen, Mitchell/Sheppard, boredom, slash, R
Mod Note: This story has a bonus, un-prompted, very awesome Jack-centric gen sequel by lirielviridian.
With Bloodied Swords by skieswideopen, Mitchell/Sheppard, gun in your pocket, Slash, PG-13
Mod Note: This is a sequel to Under One Moon, which was also written for the sg_rarepairings fic battle.
Friction by skieswideopen, Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard, sticky, Slash, NC-17
Getting Out, Getting Even by madkrazyghetto, John Sheppard/Todd the Wraith, last minute rescue, PG
Getting The Job Done by tielan, John/Ronon, military mindset, PG-13
Blow It Up by infinimato, Mitchell/Sheppard, "We could blow it up"

Fugue by shutthef_up, Sam/Keller/Lorne, "locked out", NC-17
Dog Tags by irony_rocks, Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, "Dog Tags" R (PWP)
Squishy, Soppy, Muddy by greenconverses, Teyla Emmagan/Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard, "water", R
Observations by havocthecat, Teyla Emmagan/Evan Lorne/Elizabeth Weir, watching, NC-17
To be in between by vain_glorious, Carter/Ronon /Mitchell, "steam", R/NC-17
Her Boys by greenconverses, Teyla/Cameron/John, "hold me down," NC-17
Commands by angelqueen04, Teyla Emmagan/Evan Lorne/Elizabeth Weir, watching, NC-17
First Time Stories by miera_c, Evan Lorne/Elizabeth Weir/Radek Zelenka, eighteen, R
Friendly face by jj_apples, Carter/Lorne/Mitchell, NC17
Keeping Up by hariboo, Vala Mal Doran/Jack O'Neill/Elizabeth Weir, 'Wow.', PG-13
Breakfast For A Week by rolleson, Sam/Cam/Daniel, “Okay, explain it one more time, threesome, NC-17
Mod Note: Sequel to the het fic Breakfast For Sexual Favors.
Pleasant Surprise by cinaed, Teyla Emmagan/Vala Mal Doran/John Sheppard, hands full, PG-13
Knowledge by miera_c, Evan Lorne/Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, trapped
Fevered by leyenn, Sam Carter/Daniel Jackson/Jack O'Neill, body heat, G
Can't Resist by infinimato, Sam/Daniel/Vala/Cameron/Jack/Jonas/Teal'c, trampoline
Homecoming by triciabyrne1978, Sam Carter/Jack O'Neill/Elizabeth Weir, 'Next time bring Carter.', Adult
Leave a Light on For Me by ladyjax, John/Teyla/Cameron , "midnight", G
Never Knew Love Could Be So Tender by leyenn, Sam/Daniel/Jack, never knew love could be so tender, R
Holding On In Four Parts by falcon_horus, (Teyla Emmagan/)Kate Heightmeyer/Elizabeth Weir, home, PG-13

And There Was Flight by medie, Elizabeth Weir/Danielle Jackson (girl!Daniel), pg13
condemnable idolatry by medie, John Sheppard/girl!Daniel, 'I died once' / 'I stopped counting'
1st-May-2008 08:34 pm (UTC)
Whee! Thanks! :)

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3rd-Nov-2008 11:23 pm (UTC)
This is the fic battle master list, from back in March. The current master list got posted after all the fics were released, and has both your stories on.
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