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FIC: Roped In (Lorne/Sheppard) [PG-13]

Title: Roped In
Author: Josephine (lovellama)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Sheppard/Lorne
Warnings: Slight BDSM
Spoilers: Doppelganger
Word Count: 1,032
Written For: sazzat for sg_rarepairings 2007
Prompt: flirting/humour, action, rescue
Author's Notes/Summary: An off hand suggestion of McKay's gives Lorne and Sheppard an idea. Beta'd by cincoflex

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I was sleepwalking again?" His spoon suspended between mouth and plate, Lorne looked from Sheppard to McKay and back again. McKay merely shrugged and without missing a beat continued to make inroads into the pile of food on his plate, leaving Sheppard to answer.

"Yeah, but at least you didn't try and shoot anyone this time. Just wandered around talking to people who weren't there." Sheppard stabbed a brownish lump with his fork, then with a look of disgust dropped the utensil and pushed his plate away. "You went back to bed after half an hour."

Finally lifting his head, McKay swallowed before saying: "We need to tie you to your bed." Bending back to his lunch, McKay missed Lorne and Sheppard's eyes snapping to the other's, and the slow, smug grin that spread over the mens' faces.

"Yeah, I should try that," Lorne said with a slight drawl, never taking his eyes off Sheppard. "What do you think, Colonel? Think tying me to the bed would be a good idea?"

"Maybe," countered Sheppard, still smirking. "Although I don't think just tying a rope around your waist is going to cut it."

"He'd untie it," McKay mumbled around a mouthful of mashed potatoes. "Tie his hands."

Lorne passed his tongue over dry lips. "No headboard."

"Pass it under the bed," Sheppard quickly countered. "Feet?"

Lorne emphatically shook his head. "You'd want some movement."

"Right." Sheppard threw a quick glance over to McKay who was still concentrating on his lunch. "What kind of rope?" he said, sotto voce.

"Cotton," McKay offered up, finishing off the potatoes and starting on the green beans. "Nylon and poly will chafe."

Lorne and Sheppard shared a look, incredulity written all over their faces. "Oh, really?" Sheppard said weakly; McKay merely nodded.

A beeping sound cut off anything Sheppard was about to say; with a start Lorne glanced down at his watch. "Damn, gotta go." Finishing his drink in one gulp, Lorne gave Sheppard a wink and hightailed it out of the cafeteria.

"Cotton, huh?" Sheppard casually dropped into the silence.

"Yeah. Like the kind you guys carry around in those packs of yours."

"Right." The pair sat in silence, Sheppard with his own thoughts and McKay with his food, until Sheppard finally got up and wandered out, still miles away.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The familiar staccato barks of P90 gunfire through the heavy forest caused Lorne to look up from his struggles against his bindings; he peered through the entrance to the small thatched shed the locals had put him in, trying to catch a glimpse of whoever was out there.

He couldn't see much, the sun was high, and the doorway a rectangle of light. Without warning a figure appeared, solid black, silhouetted against the brilliant white. Flight or fight kicked in, and Lorne was ready for the latter when the figure spoke.

"You alright, Major?"

Lorne's breath caught as Sheppard moved into the shed, coming to stand over him. Suddenly there was a shift in his senses, in his state a mind-- the rope that tied him was no longer an unwanted restraint. He looked up at Sheppard, and from the way the other man's stance shifted Lorne could tell that he felt it too. Stopping his struggles, he sat back on his heels, losing himself, just for the moment, in being bound before Sheppard.

It was… so surreal. Lorne knew that outside that doorway his and Sheppard's team were fighting the locals to get him back, but in here, it was just him and Sheppard, and he was helpless, tied up at his lover's feet.

It was… so turning him on.

The slight rasp of Sheppard's knife leaving its sheath sent a shiver down his spine, and Lorne watched Sheppard as he went and knelt behind him. Sheppard grabbed the rope and yanked on it.

"Tight," he said, his voice rough.

"Yeah," was all Lorne could say back, each tug sending electric jolts through him. The knife began to slice through the rope, but it stopped almost as soon as it started. Lorne was about to question why, when Sheppard began to yank on the rope again. He was taking it off in one piece, Lorne realized, and wiggled his wrists to help.

Soon he was free, but Lorne waited until Sheppard pulled on his arm to stand. Facing Sheppard, Lorne watched as he coiled the rope in his hand.

"I thought I was the only one who was going to tie you up," Sheppard said, arching a brow. Lorne couldn't take his eyes from the coil; things that Sheppard would do to him when they were back on Atlantis flashed through his mind. Sheppard took the loose end and slapped it against his thigh as he waited for his answer. The sharp thwack of the rope was loud in the hut.

"Colonel? We've secured the area. Did you find Major Lorne?" Reed's voice brought them back to the here and now, reminding them that they were soldiers on a rescue mission; though Lorne noticed Sheppard packing the rope away in one of the BDU's many pockets.

"He's in here!" Sheppard stuck his head out the door to be sure the locals hadn't won and Reed didn't have a gun to his head, then he and Lorne joined the rest of the team.

"You ok, sir?" Reed and Coughlin walked over to their commander.

"Yeah, fine. Embarrassed, but fine," he assured them, absentmindedly rubbing a wrist.

"Chafed?" Sheppard asked, nodding at Lorne's hands.

"A little. It'll be fine." They were silent, not looking at the other as the teams walked back to the jumper, Lorne dabbing at the blood oozing from the scrapes with a gauze pad Reed had given him.

It was Ronan who finally spoke. "Better get the doc to take a look at that."

"Yeah," Lorne agreed, thinking the bandages would make pretty good pad against the rope. "I think I will," he added as the teams entered the jumper. He and Sheppard were last; for a moment they just looked at each other, then with a devious smile Sheppard patted the pocket that held the rope.
Tags: 2007 ficathon, genre: slash, pairing: lorne/sheppard, recipient: sazzat, series: sga, writer: lovellama

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