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The Stargate Rare Pairings Ficathon
The small pairings get their turn.
His Own Worst Enemy - John Sheppard / doppelganger John (SGA) - Adult 
17th-Dec-2009 06:25 pm
Title: His Own Worst Enemy
Author: theeverdream
Pairing: John / doppelganger!John
Episodes / Spoilers: Set post 4x04 Doppelganger, and alludes to that episode and to the SG-1 episode 1x07 Cold Lazarus.
Words: 3.3k
Rating: Adult for sex / language / themes.
Warnings: Angst. Non-con. Dark!John. Abusive situation regarding OMC and potential underage sex.

Prompt: John / doppelganger!John, issues

( His Own Worst Enemy )
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